Benefits of having Healthy Teeth, Part Two. Thoughts by your Family Dentist

In part one of our blog series, we talked about a few of the benefits that come with having healthy teeth. Wrapping things up in part two, here are just a few more examples of how having healthy teeth can be of benefit to you.

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Healthy Teeth Means a Healthy Smile

When your teeth feel great, you feel great, and when you feel great, you smile more. The benefits and power of a great smile should not be understated. From being able to boost your overall mood to lowering your blood pressure and stress levels, smiling can bring many different benefits to your life. You’re compelled to smile when your smile looks great, so by having a healthy smile, you’ll be providing yourself with a whole separate set of benefits.

As the adage goes, you never know who will see your smile. Maybe you’ll meet someone who could provide you with a new career opportunity, or encounter someone who could become your next romantic interest. Smiling can provide us with so many different benefits, both health related and otherwise, but without having a healthy set of teeth, the likelihood of us smiling often is far lower than if our teeth are taken care of and well maintained.

Healthy Teeth Are Easier To Clean

Have you ever thought about how it feels to brush your teeth after you’ve visited your dentist and had your teeth professionally cleaned? It seems way easier than when you’re brushing your teeth during other times of the year, right? Regular dental maintenance allows you to maintain healthy teeth, and even though by comparison, your teeth may seem a bit more difficult to clean, remember that healthy teeth are easier to clean than unhealthy teeth.

Practicing good dental habits will help ensure that your teeth are in the best possible shape, and visiting your dentist regularly will only enhance this fact. Neglecting both, however, will do the exact opposite. Think about how easy it is to clean your teeth once you’ve received a professional cleaning from your dentist; now think about what it must be like if you don’t practice good dental habits. From flossing regularly to brushing after each meal, all of these things help your teeth stay in the best possible shape, but neglecting to do so can make for a more challenging dental routine. If you don’t floss often, then flossing will be a far more demanding task, as you’re attempting to make up for all the times that you neglected to do so. Same goes for brushing, and if you neglect your teeth, attempting to remove the buildup of plaque and stains will be far more challenging if you don’t clean your teeth regularly. Quite simply, healthy teeth are easier to clean than teeth that have been neglected, so keeping up with your dental routine will not only help you continue having healthy teeth, it will also help ensure that your cleanings are far less demanding.

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