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Membership Program


Welcome to our membership program! 

The Healthy Smiles Membership Plan is a member-based dental savings plan that provides the quality care you and your family deserve at a price you can afford. You will receive regular exams, emergency exams, cleanings or periodontal maintenance, and X-rays along with access to significant discounts on other dental procedures performed in our office. This plan is to help reduce overall dental care costs while ensuring access to top quality dental care with our dentists, who truly care about your health and won't limit your needs based on traditional dental insurance allowances and limitations.

Registration for the Healthy Smile Membership Plan is open to all uninsured patients and to patients with out-of-network dental coverage.

Benefits of the Healthy Smile Membership

  • Two periodic and one emergency exam per year.
  • Two cleanings per year.
  • Complementary fluoride treatment twice a year.
  • Full mouth, bitewings, and periapical X-rays as needed.
  • Up-to 15% off recommended treatment such as fillings, crowns, dentures, root canals, extractions, teeth whitening, and more!
  • No deductibles.
  • Immediate eligibility and no denial of coverage.
  • No frequency limitations.
  • No pre-existing condition limitations.
  • Let our team share more information with you on the Healthy Smile Membership and how these discounts might impact your existing treatment plans.

Feel free to complete the following form to apply for this amazing benefit 

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