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Ben Corpron, DDS

Cosmetic and Family Dentist located in Circle C Ranch, Austin, TX

If you want to improve crooked teeth, veneers are a great option. Ben Corpron, DDS, at Blue Sky Family Dentistry in Austin, Texas, can fix problems with your teeth by concealing them with better-looking front faces. Book your consultation for veneers over the phone or with the online booking tool at Blue Sky Family Dentistry today.

Veneers Q & A

 How do veneers work?

Many patients gain an understanding of how dental veneers work by comparing them to cosmetic concealers. Like concealers, veneers mask the imperfections in your smile by covering them up. They’re made from materials like porcelain or composite resin that both look like a tooth and act like a tooth when you chew or speak. 

Dr. Corpron attaches your veneers to the front of your teeth with a strong semi-permanent cement. As long as you take care of them, your veneers can last for up to 20 years without needing a replacement or extensive maintenance. 

What dental imperfections do veneers fix?

Dr. Corpron can address many types of concerns with veneers. The imperfections that you can hide with a simple veneer or two includes:

  • Heavy stains
  • Wide gaps
  • Short teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Minor misalignment
  • Pointy teeth
  • Chips and cracks

Veneers are typically used to fix purely cosmetic issues. If your dental problem leaves a tooth vulnerable to damage or decay, Dr. Corpron might recommend getting a crown instead.

Will my veneers look natural with my other teeth?

When you think of veneers, the first picture that comes to your mind might be a ridiculous smile with teeth that aren’t natural. With contemporary veneers available at Blue Sky Family Dentistry, this isn’t the case anymore. 

The veneers that Dr. Corpron uses seamlessly fit in with the natural teeth remaining in your smile. Dr. Corpron uses your natural teeth as a template for the shape, size, and color of your new veneers. He also removes some outer enamel from each tooth to ensure a proper fit with your new veneers.

What should I do if I break a veneer?

If you chip your veneer, call Dr. Corpron to ask about your options. He can make you a new veneer that looks just like the original. 

If your veneer debonds from your tooth, you must find the veneer, check it for damage, and keep it clean and safe. Dr. Corpron can reattach it for you if it’s still fully intact.

If you’d like the perfect-looking smile with minimal operations on your teeth, call Blue Sky Family Dentistry or request a consultation online for veneers today.