What is my deductible for my dental insurance?

Picking the right dental insurance plan can be a confusing.   Every dental plan is different and each dental insurance company can have hundreds of different plans depending on where you live, your employer, if you acquired it through the health exchanges, and so on.  Because of its complexity and because I think it is such an important benefit in keeping your dental care affordable, I will break down each key feature and discuss it at length.  If well understood dental insurance should be a tool in your pocket that empowers you towards making your visits to the dentist less daunting.


Let’s start with your deductible.  A deductible is a fee that is often required every year that your insurance company will require you to pay under certain circumstances.  Often the deductible is around $50, but it can be higher depending on the plan.


When do I pay my deductible?

Normally you have no deductible if just need a dental cleaning and some dental x-rays.  Those services are considered preventive and the deductibles usually don’t apply.  However, if you need a dental filling, a root canal, a deep cleaning, a dental extraction, or really any other service other than preventive care, then the deductible will apply.

This next part is an important point, and it is why we stress prevention so much at Blue Sky Family Dentistry.  If you take really good care of your teeth by getting regular exams and cleanings, by brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and flossing once a day, and if you eat healthy, unprocessed foods and don’t eat too many carbohydrates in between meals, then you most likely will only need cleanings every 6 months and those cleanings should be covered by your dental insurance as preventive services which usually means NO deductible.  This, without doubt, is the most affordable approach to your dental care.

I hope you found this helpful.  Stay tuned for more information on your dental benefits.  The more you know the more empowered you are to improve your oral health.

In-Network Insurance Plans at Blue Sky Family Dentistry

Dr. Corpron is a family dentist who started Blue Sky Family Dentistry so that he and his staff could be a resource to everyone in the Austin area.  Located in Circle C, the dental office is minutes away from Meridian, Avana, Oak Hill, Bear Creek, and other South Austin communities.  The office is in-network with the following dental insurance companies:





Delta Dental

the Dental Network of America (DNOA)





Sunlife or Assurant or the Dental Health Alliance

United Healthcare

and more


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