Oral health improvement tips from your Circle C Family Dentist

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Preparing for your dental exam is much like any other exam — attempting to cram at the last minute will likely prove to be ineffective, and furthermore, your dentist will likely know that you’ve been trying to overcompensate for months of less than ideal oral care. In this blog, we will take a look at some simple and easy ways for you to maintain good oral health on a regular basis.

Limit Beverages that Stain

One of the biggest things that cause our teeth to become stained and yellow are the beverages that we choose to drink. Things like red wine, coffee, and tea are all major offenders in this regard, causing both superficial stains and internal enamel staining. Think about your coffee and tea cups at home. Even those of you who keep up with washing dishes regularly, chances are, your coffee and tea cups have some level of staining on the inside. Your teeth are no different. While you don’t necessarily have to completely cut these beverages out of your diet entirely, limiting them will greatly reduce the amount of staining that your teeth will experience. Also, rising your mouth with water can help to reduce the harmful effects of these beverages.

Brush Always, Brush Often

Many of your dental-related woes can be linked to infrequent brushing. A great rule of thumb is to brush after every meal to to ensure that no food particles sit in your mouth for extended amounts of time. While it may be inconvenient to brush after lunch, leaving a travel sized toothbrush at work will do wonders for you mouth. If this isn’t an option, opting to at least rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash will be helpful as well.

Limit Your Sugar Intake

This is the one that many people really don’t like to hear, but it’s true — having a diet that consists of too many sugary foods and beverages can only bring you trouble down the line. Diets that are high in things like candy, snacks, and sodas can lead to an overall increased rate of tooth decay. A great way to offset this, in addition to cutting down on your sugar intake, is to brush after eating or drinking something with a high sugar content. While it’s no replacement for completely avoiding sugar entirely, it will help to reduce the negative effects.

Smokers Beware

Another unhealthy habit that comes with its fair share of health related risks is smoking, and your teeth most certainly suffer from it. Much like coffee, tea, and red wine, smoking cigarettes will also increase teeth staining. Surface stains can be polished off by your dentist, but regular smoking can also cause stains that are much harder to remove. Smoking can also damage your gums. Quitting smoking will produce noticeable results in relation to oral, respiratory and olfactory functions.

These are just a few simple and easy tips for practicing good oral health. Follow these steps and when the time comes for your biannual checkup, you’ll be in far better shape than before. At Blue Sky Family Dentistry, we want you and your entire family to be in the best of health, and we are thrilled to serve the needs of families in the greater Austin area. For more information or to set up an appointment, contact us at Blue Sky Family Dentistry today.