Dealing with Sensitive Teeth, Part Two. Thoughts from your family dentist

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In part one of our blog series, we talked about a few ways that you can relieve the pain and discomfort that comes with having sensitive teeth. Wrapping things up in part two, here are just a few more examples of ways that you can treat sensitive teeth.

Use a Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth

While sensitive teeth can be caused by a variety of factors, having to deal with the discomfort that they cause can be a challenge. While changing your brushing habits or investing in an electric toothbrush can help relieve the pain caused by sensitive teeth, changing over to a toothpaste meant for sensitive teeth can help. While most toothpastes will provide you with a clean and fresh mouth, not all toothpastes are catered towards people with sensitive teeth. Switching from your regular toothpaste to one formulated for sensitive teeth can be helpful, continuing to provide you with the cavity protection and freshness you desire; in addition to providing your mouth with a decrease in the level of irritation that can result from having sensitive teeth. Results may not be instantaneous, however, and it you should continue with your regular brushing schedule, swapping your usual toothpaste for one that’s more suited for people with sensitive teeth.

Reduce Acidic Foods

It’s likely that one of the instances when you notice your teeth feeling the most sensitive is while eating and drinking. Whether it’s beverages that are excessively hot or cold, or perhaps even too sweet, all it takes is a specific food or beverage to send you from feeling perfectly find to feeling the discomfort and pain that comes from having sensitive teeth. In addition to avoiding foods or beverages that are excessively hot and cold, it’s also suggested that you should reduce the amount of acidic foods in your diet, as those can also wear down your teeth’s enamel causing sensitivity. Things like sodas, citrus fruits and tomatoes are all acidic and can be playing a role in your teeth’s sensitivity.

Visit Your Dentist

At the end of the day, if you’ve been noticing that you’ve been experiencing pain or discomfort as a result of having sensitive teeth, your best option for helping reduce this is to visit your dentist. By making an appointment with your dentist, they’ll be able to not only target the cause of your discomfort, they’ll also be able to offer you valuable advice on your best options for dealing with it.

Visit Our Austin Dentist Office

Those are just a few more ways for you to deal with the discomfort and pain that can sometimes come with having sensitive teeth. Whether you’ve recently noticed it or have been struggling with sensitive teeth for years, it’s never too late to get the opinion of a professional, and Blue Sky Family Dentistry aims to to provide you with the best dental care in Austin. Best of all, we offer our comprehensive dentistry services for the whole family, making it easy for children and parents to be seen under the same roof. To learn more about our Austin dentist office or to set up an appointment, get in touch with us today!