Your South Austin family dentist discusses the varieties of mouthwash and their benefits

Blue Sky Family Dentistry is proud to provide families in the greater Austin area with the best in comprehensive dentistry services. There are many things that one can do to maintain healthy teeth and gums, and one of these is rinsing regularly with a quality mouthwash. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at a few of the many types of mouthwashes that are currently on the market.

Cosmetic Mouthwash

Cosmetic mouthwashes are exactly what they sound like — they provide you with minor results in comparison to other sorts of rinses. These sorts of mouthwashes are meant simply to help you maintain fresh breath and a clean feeling in your mouth. While some of them may kill germs that cause bad breath, if you’re looking for a rinse that kills bacteria, a cosmetic mouthwash may not be the way to go. Aside from freshening your breath, cosmetic mouthwashes can be expected to do little else.

Anti-Plaque Mouthwash

Mouthwashes serve a variety of different purposes, some all-encompassing and others with a more specific goal in mind. Unlike other mouthwashes, anti-plaque mouthwashes are actually intended to be used prior to brushing. This mouthwash works to loosen and clear plaque and tartar from your teeth before brushing. By using this, it makes for a better brushing experience, as plaque and tartar have been removed or loosened, which increases your overall brushing efficiency. Brushing after using an anti-plaque mouthwash should make for a mouth that feels cleaner and fresher, as using it can help remove plaque in a way that simply brushing may not be able to do on its own. If you notice that you have a tendency to have more than an average level of plaque or tartar, using a rinse like this can be helpful for you in trying to achieve a mouth that’s healthy and clean.

Antiseptic Mouthwash

Depending on who you ask, when people ask for mouthwash, there’s a good chance that they are referring to antiseptic mouthwash. Listerine® is the most common variety of antiseptic mouthwash, and while it can provide you with a variety of different dental benefits, people are sometimes turned off by its overall strength. It’s efficiency is why people choose to use it, as it can kill a variety of germs, leave your mouth feeling clean and help prevent things like gum disease. In order for it to be able to do this, however, the alcohol content has to be higher than in other mouthwashes, like cosmetic mouthwashes, for example. That high alcohol content is what makes the level of stinging or burning while using it to be relatively higher than others. If you’re looking to achieve a level of clean in your mouth that simply brushing cannot provide you, using an antiseptic mouthwash and flossing daily in addition to regular brushing can help provide you with a mouth that is truly clean and healthy.

Visit a Dentist in Austin

Those are just three examples of the types of mouthwashes that are on the market. Obviously using a mouthwash on its own isn’t enough to maintain a healthy mouth, but incorporating regular rinsing into your dental routine is a great practice to have. Additionally, visiting your dentist regularly is also recommended, and if you’re looking for a family dentist in Austin, Blue Sky Family Dentistry is here to provide you with the comprehensive dental care services that you need to help ensure that your entire family continues to have clean and healthy smiles. To learn more about our Austin family dentist office, contact Blue Sky Family Dentistry today.