Are Invisalign clear aligners faster than the alternatives?

Invisalign clear aligners are different from the alternative clear aligner systems in a number of ways. One key difference is the material from which the trays are made. After 8 years of research and testing over 200 different materials Align Technologies developed SmartTrack. This material applies the most consistent force to the teeth and maintains the best fit of any other clear aligner material available. When it comes to moving the teeth, the careful and predictable application of force is of utmost importance. Without this careful direction of force the teeth won’t move as planned.

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Better fitting aligners mean faster, more predictable movements.

SmartTrack material ensures that Invisalign clear aligners apply a near constant force on your teeth. SmartTrack does this by maintaining its elasticity and original shape. It doesn’t wear out as fast as traditional aligner materials. This elasticity creates a better fit which is more comfortable and the trays are easier to take in and out. By maintaining such a precision fit, the Invisalign aligners are able to move the teeth more consistently over a shorter period of time. Because of this the trays can, under most circumstances, be switched out every week instead of every two weeks. This is what makes Invisalign faster and safer than the alternatives.

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Why choose Blue Sky Family Dentistry as your Invisalign provider?

Blue Sky Family Dentistry is conveniently located in South Austin in the Circle C Community. Our South Austin family dentist office is locally owned and operated by Dr. Corpron, and he is personally committed to treating everyone in your family with the highest level of gentle dental care. We treat patients of all ages and offer Invisalign to both teens and adults. Dr. Corpron constantly strives to improve the practices of the office, and he only uses systems that have already been proven effective. As an Invisalign provider Dr. Corpron believes that every detail matters. Whether its the angle of each tooth, the bone that is their foundation, the way the teeth come together, how they should protect each other, or how that relates to your overall oral health, every detail matters, and we will never just recommend a pretty smile. At Blue Sky Family Dentistry a beautiful smile is a healthy smile and a healthy smile is one that lasts a lifetime.