Are your teeth not where they’re supposed to be? Have you ever noticed your gums receeding or your teeth flattening? Or are you self-conscious about your smile? All of this can happen because the teeth aren’t in their healthiest positions. If this is the case they can be much harder to clean and maintain and more prone to chipping and premature enamel wear. In the dental field we call the teeth being out of place a malocclusion, and it’s at the heart of many dental problems.


But what do you do about this if you have a busy, active lifestyle? What if you travel a lot for work or you juggle the schedules of three kids and a spouse? If that’s the case then you should really ask Dr. Corpron about Invisalign. It is an ideal option for busy people. The virtually invisible clear aligners subtly move the teeth into their proper positions until your smile is healthier. A healthier smile means fewer expensive dental problems in the future and a more confident you.


As a South Austin family dentist in the heart of Circle C, Dr. Corpron takes pride in providing comprehensive care to all of his patients. We take 3D dental models of all of our patients so everyone’s smile and dental health can be optimally evaluated. Better data means better plans. Better plans means better, gentler care.


How much does Invisalign cost?  This depends on your dental insurance and whether or not it covers correcting the tooth positions.  Many plans do!  But if yours doesn’t our experienced staff will help you with financing options and come up with a plan that is right for you.



Call today to schedule a free Invisalign consultation and ask about whitening while you achieve your healthiest smile!