If you have a missing tooth or if you have dentures that don’t fit, dental implants might be your best solution.

Losing a tooth can be painful and frustrating. No one wants to have a gap in their smile, and it makes chewing food uncomfortable and more difficult.  At Blue Sky Family Dentistry, your family dentist located conveniently in South Austin in the Circle C community, Dr. Corpron makes the process of replacing a missing tooth easy and comfortable.

What happens if you lose a tooth?

Dental implants serve two purposes. First, they restore function. All of the teeth support each other and each tooth serves a purpose. Whether it’s a front tooth to support the smile and tear food or it’s a molar that supports the jaw and does the bulk of chewing, each tooth is important. As teeth go missing the bite loses its harmony and teeth begin to drift and tip and they can no longer function in the same way. For this reason it is important to replace missing teeth in order to maintain the overall function and health of your mouth.

The other purpose dental implants serve is as a conservative, esthetic alternative to dental bridges or partial dentures. If a tooth goes missing there are only four options available. Often the best way to replace a missing tooth is with a dental implant. This titanium or zirconium fixture serves as a new root to replace the missing tooth. Alternatively the teeth next to the missing teeth can be cut down to make way for a dental bridge. This used to be a popular way to replace missing teeth until implants became a safe and scientifically proven way to replace teeth. Another, less comfortable and less cosmetic option is a removable partial denture. These are uncomfortable, they come out, and they can get lost. Lastly, the missing tooth can always remain missing. This, however, allows the adjacent teeth to drift and they must take on the extra burden of the missing tooth which accelerates the wear and the loss of the remaining teeth.

With today’s dental technology, implants are a better option than ever before. Made from ultra-strong, biocompatible titanium, dental implants can be carefully placed into the bone where the missing tooth used to be in a safe, guided surgical procedure. Those dental implants then become a strong base for dentures, crowns, or bridgework.

Are dental implants the right choice for you? To have all of your questions answered schedule a consultation at Blue Sky Family Dentistry, your South Austin Dentist conveniently located in the Circle C community. Utilizing 3D, low radiation CBCT x-rays and exact digital 3D models, Dr. Corpron is able to plan your dental implant placement so it is as painless as possible and so the end result looks natural and functions just like a natural tooth. At Blue Sky Family Dentistry we are committed to providing you with the highest quality of care because everyone deserves to have a healthy, beautiful smile. Are you ready for the smile you always wanted? Contact us online or by phone today.