Going to the dentist can sometimes be a stressful and somewhat scary experience for children. And why not? Fear usually stems from not understanding something or not knowing what to expect of a given situation. Whether you’re preparing your child for their first dental visit or they’re feeling anxious because of an experience they had in the past, as their parent it is important for you to help them get over this fear.

Don’t Hide A Dental Visit From Your Child

Some parents think that not telling their child that they’ll be going to the dentist will make for a less stressful experience, but this is actually far from the truth. While it may make the car ride to the dentist somewhat easier, things can quickly go downhill when they realize where they’re going. Not telling your child will also send the signal that going to the kids dentist is something to get upset about. The goal should always be to help children understand that the dentist can be fun and interesting and helpful. It should be a constructive experience over which they feel they have some ownership or control. By helping them see that the dentist is nothing to fear, you can greatly reduce the level of fear and anxiety that your child may feel about it, and you won’t be able to accomplish this by avoiding the topic entirely. Before anything else, let them know that they have a dental visit coming up, and from there, begin to share more about the dentist with them.

Talk About The Benefits of Visiting The Dentist

Kids are smart. At a very young age children can quickly learn complex things. Don’t underestimate their ability to understand who the dentist is and what we do. The stories you tell them are critical to how confidently they walk into the dental office. If you have only ever shared stories about a painful root canal or extraction (these procedures don’t have to be scary or painful if done correctly, by the way) then of course your child will be scared.  Instead, focus on the positives. Focus on how the dentist helps keep your family’s teeth strong and that regular visits are necessary to avoid future problems. Let your child know that we’re making sure everything is developing as it should and that their family dentist is here to help. Help them understand that a gentle, family dentist is simply a doctor for your teeth, and that visiting the dentist regularly will help them grow up with a beautiful smile.

Those are just two ways you can help your child have a positive visit with the dentist. We will continue discussing this topic in another post, but until then, for all of your Austin family dental care needs, visit Blue Sky Family dental. Get in touch today!

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