Bad Breath Halitosis causes and prevention part one. Common questions asked of your family dentist

Bad breath is something that, while frustrating and invasive, can be easily remedied in a variety of ways. In part one of our blog series, we’ll look at a handful of things that cause bad breath, and things that you can do to help reduce it on a daily basis.

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Dietary Choices

The foods that we choose to put into our body can certainly make an impact in our bodies in variety of different ways. While sugary foods can contribute to cavities and other issues, certain foods can contribute to bad breath. The obvious way that foods can cause bad breath is simple — with certain food particles being stuck in our teeth, the process of them lingering there with no cleaning can easily be a cause of bad breath. Certain types of foods like garlic and onions can cause bad breath in a completely different way, though. These food enter our bodies and travel to our bloodstream. From there, they enter our lungs and out our mouths, causing us to have bad breath.

While there are so many ways to offset the effects of dietary choices and bad breath, the easiest thing to do is to make sure that you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day, as well as after meals. Having sugar free mints or gum available can also help reduce the effects that our diet can have on our breath. Our next point, though, is even more important than our diet.

Bad Dental Habits

Bad breath can be caused be a wide variety of things, and one of the most common causes is also one of the most obvious ones — dental habits. We’ve discussed the importance of maintaining a consistent and well-rounded dental routine, and doing so can help contribute to the overall reduction of bad breath symptoms. Brushing at least twice a day is a great way to ensure that your teeth are kept clean, but taking it a step further and brushing your tongue will help reduce the symptoms of bad breath. Bad breath is caused by a variety of different factors, bacteria being a major one. Brushing your tongue can help reduce the amount of bacterial buildup in your mouth which can effectively help reduce the amount of bad breath symptoms that you may notice.

Additionally, while we’ve discussed them at length in previous blog postings, flossing regularly and using a quality mouthwash can both contribute to the reduction of bad breath as well. Both of these things can help reduce the amount of buildup and food particles that linger in your mouth. Flossing can clear the spaces between your teeth where food particles and plaque develop, and a mouthwash can reinforce the work done by flossing. These two practices coupled with a consistent and regular brushing routine can contribute to an overall reduction of bad breath symptoms, helping you have a fresh and clean mouth throughout the course of your day.

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Those are just a few examples of things that cause bad breath, and things that you can do to help fight bad breath on a daily basis. Blue Sky Family Dentistry aims to be your go-to family dentist office in Austin, providing you with the best in comprehensive dental care services. If you’re looking for a dentist office in Austin that can see the entire family under one roof, Blue Sky Family Dentistry is perfect for you. We shall continue this in part two of our blog series, but until then, contact our Austin dentist office today to set up an appointment!